Yoga is an essential part of our journey to connect to ourselves.


Kat began a regular practice about six years ago and developed the deepest respect for how it promotes not solely a change in self, but allows a gradual return to who we are meant to be. She is grateful for the 200 hour training with Yoga to the People in the East Village in 2010 and equally thrilled to have completed another 300 hours with the Conquering Lion training under Kelly Morris in November 2011. Her classes currently provide movement of the body to invigorate the breath and help maintain a present and attentive mind. Equipped with a  unique and challenging sequence imbued with traditional asanas and attention to detail.

She understands that every body is different and everyone has a story to tell. Her goal is to help each recognize the benefits of building a balanced body, a full breath, and a more awake sense of being.