Kat’s classes reflect the realness of everyday life.

Kat found yoga in 2008 when she stumbled upon a studio in the East Village of NYC. By the end of that hour, among a sea of strangers, she felt a shift. A shift in the way she felt about herself, and about others.

Her experiences teaching in New York, Boston and Los Angeles have shown her that much of practice is just unwinding from the narrative that we allow to lead us. And how we see the world is informed by how we see ourselves. Kat loves to create space for exploration of self. Her classes are vibrant, fun and challenging. No pretense, no preaching, just the real experiences we all share. Through alignment, pranayama, and light philosophy, students in her class will explore mindful movement to attune a focused mind and re-set a full and steady breathe.

Kat’s teaching style is informed by the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar, the unique method of Katonah Yoga, and the smart and confident sequences of Skyler Grant. She offers weekly classes, one-on-one private sessions, and destination retreats.

Creating safe spaces for movement

Kat Colla

Kat Colla